well hello there!

Let us be honest right from the start, we don’t love working on websites. We do love giving you reading tips and baking/serving you some cake. That’s why this space will be rather to the point. The information you probably need is this:

  • curated bookshop & specialty coffeebar
  • open Wednesday – Sundayย  10am – 6pm. (so closedย  Mondays and Tuesdays)
  • adress: Scheldestraat 79, 2000 Antwerp

We basically offer all the stuff we love ourselves at buchbar. We only (wel almost) sell books that we’ve read ourselves and absolutely loved. Those range from biographies to novels from all over the world and a selection of unique children’s books. We can also order any book you want or need. We have some lovely stationary and pins and basically everything you’ll ever want.

You can come have breakfast, a light lunch or cake/pie/cookies any time of day. Our menu will give you quite a good idea of what we serve, there’s always vegan options too! But a lot of our stuff changes every day/week. Our coffee is extraordinary and so is everything else, you can check our partners for more information on those suppliers.

We’re much better at maintaining our social media than our website, so check out our Instagram or Facebook for pictures and stuff. And/or subscribe to our newsletter, because we organise events and book dates and have lots of stuff to tell you on a semi-regular basis.

That’s basically it. And it’s even more fun in real life. Come meet us!


The buchbarians.